We all know that after getting married, at some point of time in the future you have to think about starting a family and in a country like India, the married couple is pressurized by their relatives to start a family soon after their marriage so that they can become parents at the appropriate age. But all married couples don’t get the chance to become parents soon after their marriage due to some medical complications and have to seek medical advice regarding the same.

For all such couples, the advancement in science and technology has proved to be a boon to them as they can also get the best medical treatments. All the women who are finding it difficult to conceive can undergo Artificial Insemination (IUI) which is basically a technique where the male sperm is directly inserted into the woman’s uterus, cervix, or fallopian tubes. Even the IUI cost is not that much higher and it is relatively a simpler fertility treatment.

Why IUI Treatment is suggested?

Doctors advice you to undergo IUI treatment in case of:

·       Male infertility

·       Hostile cervical mucus

·       Unexplained infertility

·       Due to sexual pain among many other medical reasons.

Benefits of IUI Treatment

·       Far less invasive

·       Require little infertility medications

·       Relatively affordable procedure

·       Enhances sperm quality because of the washing procedure

·       Short Treatment timing

·       More effective

·       Possible to have a natural cycle followed by IUI

·       Less stress on the body

·       Improves the conceiving chances

The IUI procedure is simple and there is nothing to feel nervous about it, a lot of patients are undergoing this treatment without facing any kind of difficulty. In case you are using a sperm donor, the donor sperm will be thawed and prepared.

Presently IUI is one of the most popular and preferred fertility treatments available due to its higher success rate and affordable Pricing, if you are looking for IUI treatment, you can consult Dr. Lisa Sharma at IVF World who has years of experience in handling different clients that have a complicated medical history and offers them the best medical advice.

Even the IUI cost at Dr. Lisa Sharma IVF World’ is easily affordable and couples can have a cheap method for treating infertility and is the most preferred among younger couples as the success rates for IUI drop after crossing 35 years of age in women. So consult Dr. Lisa Sharma IVF World who provides the best IUI treatmentto patients.

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